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Please read through the below information carefully as these guidelines are meant to assist you through the application process.

Grant applications are being accepted between January 1st, 2024 - February 1st, 2024.


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Dralla Foundation Grant Application 2024

Grant Guidelines

The mission of Dralla Foundation is to support programs geared toward providing an environment for children and adults with physical challenges to have fun!

Grant Program
Dralla Foundation’s grant program supports adults and children with physical challenges in order to help them experience an unforgettable day! This is achieved through grant awards to non-profit organizations who share our mission. Our focus is on fun events and programs including but not limited to day trips, recreational activities, athletics, etc. We want to give opportunities for unique, inspiring and fun experiences that are not easily accessible or possible for people with physical challenges.

Grant Awards
Grants are awarded on a yearly basis. We seek to fund a meaningful percentage of specific programs and events. Each application is carefully evaluated by Dralla Foundation’s Review Board.

2024 Grant Cycle

Begin accepting submissions

Submission Deadline

Award Date

January 1, 2024

February 1, 2024

May 15, 2024

Applicant Qualifications

  • All applicants must be tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • The operations and programs of all applicants must take place in the United States.
  • Organizations must be established and in operation for more than one year. If this is not the case, references must be provided along with the application.
  • All applications must be for events that primarily serve individuals with physical challenges and that provide participants with fun, unforgettable experiences.
  • Event or program dates submitted for funding must fall between June 1, 2024 and May 31, 2025.

Submission Instructions
Our application process is now automated and the application can be filled out via our online form. We will no longer be accepting the application as a document through mail or e-mail. A copy of the application is available for you to review in order to gather any information you need to complete the requirements.  

If you have any questions regarding the qualifications, application or grant process, please contact:


Phone: 973-983-0123